This tutorial show you how to monitor stream uptime and metadata updates through Engine.

To get started, navigate to Publisher ➡ Monitoring ➡ Configure alerts. Here is where you can set the tolerance of how and when an alert should be sent to a list of email addresses.

For both uptime and metadata alerts, the minimum alert time that can be set is 1 minute. Once that tolerance point is reached, Engine checks the stream every subsequent minute. When Engine detects that a stream is down or that the metadata has not changed, the stream will be flagged and (depending on the interval) the alert recipients will be notified.

In the example screenshot above, we've configured a different interval for monitoring stream uptime and metadata update. The metadata monitoring is set to 10 minutes. In this example, Engine will check the stream every minute leading up to 10 minutes. If the metadata has still not updated when 10 minutes is reached, then it will fire an email notification for each resource that might be down. 

Additionally, you can have two (or more) egress servers configured for the same stream. If a stream is down on one egress server, no email notification will fire. You will get notified only if the stream is down on all egress servers.

The Do Not Disturb feature can disable the sending of notifications for a specific time frame. The most common use case for this feature is when a stream is offline deliberately.

Email alert examples

Here is what an email alert regarding streams being down might look like :

Here is an email alert regarding metadata not updating within the set tolerance point:

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