StationPlaylist is a powerful radio broadcasting software solution for streaming. Used for scheduling music and playlist management, it's ideal for internet radio streams and stations.

In this short tutorial we will briefly cover the following subject areas:

Of course, the creators of StationPlaylist provide resources of their own. Our guide is intended as a quick tutorial for our customers to assist in getting up and running with their StationPlaylist install.

StationPlaylist Studio

Streaming your station on the internet using multiple codecs is simple using Studio. This component of the StationPlaylist software is an on-air broadcast playout software, providing useful features for assisting the DJ during live shows. Studio also provides for unattended automation when used in conjunction with the StationPlaylist Creator track scheduler. Virtually any DJ of any skill level can use this software.  An uncluttered screen and large control buttons makes this one of the easiest to use broadcasting applications.

Studio manages and controls multiple players for such purposes as automatic voice track/song overlapping.  An advanced intelligent crossfader means that all tracks mix together perfectly with no human intervention. 

Many of Studio's advanced automation features require playlists that are generated by StationPlaylist Creator. However, it can also read standard M3U playlists generated by other software. It can be used as a "DJ jukebox" without the scheduler features. Tracks may be inserted from the interface or through drag-ang-drop from Windows folders.

StationPlaylist Encoder

Studio comes with a stream encoder implemented as a DSP plugin. To enable the SPL Encoder, open the Options window and then click on the Output page from the left-hand column. Then, click on the Mixer tab and find the "SPL Encoder" listed as an option.

With the SPL Encoder, you can broadcast live to your EmpireStreaming stream. It supports MP3 and AAC+ stream encoding for both Icecast and Shoutcast servers.

StationPlaylist Creator

Creator is a simple to use, yet powerful spot and music scheduler. You can use it to design your station format using rotations of music categories and spot groups (jingles, ads, etc). Rotations may be scheduled for specific hours of the day. This gives you full control over what types of music or programs are scheduled for different times of the day or days of the week.

Creator is capable of producing much more controlled and sophisticated scheduling than a basic random shuffle of your music. Your listening audience will appreciate the difference. Here are some examples of what is possible:

  • Prevent two or more fast (or slow) tempo songs from being scheduled consecutively, unless that is desired.
  • Schedule different genres of music at different times of the day. For example, slower songs in the evening, more upbeat tracks in the morning and perhaps festive or party music on Saturday nights.
  • Schedule a specialty show with a specific set of genres at a specific time every day or week.

The playlists contain the list of tracks that will play in your broadcast playback automation system. StationPlaylist Studio is highly recommended for best compatibility with Creator's features.

Remote Voice Tracker

This feature enables multiple users to record voice tracks and edit playlists. The users can either be located at the station or remotely via the internet. It will upload the voice tracks and modify the playlist logs back at the station.

Voice track recording enables an automated show to sound 100% live when using the SPL Studio Pro automation software. It takes a fraction of the time compared to producing a live show, letting you record and place voice tracks between the songs that have been selected by SPL Creator. Once a playlist is created for today or further into the future, the operator can see what songs are queued up. Then, it is as simple as selecting a position between two tracks for the voice track to be placed and clicking "Record".

Voice track recording is also a feature of SPL Creator Pro for voice tracking in the studio, however, Remote Voice Tracker may be used in the studio to enable voice track recording and playlist editing from additional computers. Several Playlist Editor features from Creator are also available in Remote Voice Tracker (based on user permissions) including song search/insert.

StationPlaylist Streamer

Streamer is a stand-alone stream encoder application for Windows.  This is designed to take the audio from a line-in device on a soundcard, optionally pass it through a software compressor/limiter, and encode the audio to a stream in various or multiple formats for broadcasting on the internet.

This software does not produce or play any audio.  SPL Creator and Studio serve that purpose. Studio contains a stream encoder module but it is not suitable when using a mixing console. Streamer is required to record the audio output from the mixer and encode it to a stream. Streamer encodes the audio and sends it to a streaming server for distribution to your listeners.

Video Tutorials

The following videos provide mode details for the features and capabilities of the StationPlaylist software:

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