Podcaster provides the ability to host podcasts, edit and publish episodes, view analytics and more.

Once users create a show within Podcaster, they have Podcaster to create an RSS feed for that show, which can be used to submit the podcast to a variety of directories as well as for posting on a website.

Podcaster also comes with an audio editor feature that allows users to incorporate advertisements into their episodes. This provides the ability to add pre-roll, post-roll, as well as mid-roll ad markers. You can also add chapter markers to episodes using the audio editor.

We also have a feature which allows you to easily import all of your past shows and episodes to your RSS feed. Whether you are a seasoned podcast veteran or just starting out, Podcaster is an ideal solution for you.

Here is a brief overview of the primary menus and features from the Podcaster interface:

  • Section (1) allows creation and filtering the shows.
  • Section (2) displays the list of the shows as well as their testing. 
  • Section (3) provides advanced metrics for the listeners and shows history.
  • Section (4) shows the logs of your recent activity.
  • Section (5) displays your organization and ability to create/manage users.

If you have further questions, please contact our Support Operations team by submitting a ticket here or by emailing us: support@soundstack.com.