Monetize offers the option to report the campaign results, with various dimensions 

Reports metrics and terms

ImpressionsThe total number of impressions generated by the campaign(s).
Effective cost per mille, based on the eCPM you've set for the ad campaign(s)
LTRListen-through Rate indicates whether the listener is listening to ads in their entirety or disconnecting during the ads. For each ad impression, our system detects if a listener heard 25%, 50%, 75%, or 100%. The average is calculated across all listeners.
RevenueRevenue generated based on the eCPM you have set for the ad campaign(s).

Reports features

Start date/End date: An adjustable date range for the report period.

Advertiser: If there were multiple advertisers running campaigns during the selected period of time, each advertiser would have their own line in the CSV report.

Campaign: When selected, the report will break down the campaign list for the report period.

Publisher: The Publisher dimension shows the list of publishers that delivered campaigns.

Position: When selected, the report shows the positions where the campaigns ran: pre-roll, mid-roll, or post-roll for podcasts.

Country/MSA/Postal code: Breakdown by country/MSA/Postal code.

Creative: This dimension shows a list of ad creatives that ran during the reporting period.

Note: Metric dimensions are limited to a maximum of 3 in the same report.

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