NPR affiliate stations on the SoundStack CDN are able to participate in Webcast Metrics as offered to affiliate stations.

In order to satisfy the logging and retention requirements set forth for SoundExchange by NPR Digital Services, SoundStack is able to provide (upon request) streaming access logs in a specific format as outlined by NPR Digital Services. We are also able to provision access to an API which provides real-time data to be ingested by Webcast Metrics.

Webcast Metrics (WCM) comprise a set of web browser-based applications that provide valuable measurement information about audiences for streaming online radio. Webcast Metrics (WCM) are divided in two categories:

  1. Webcast Metrics (National) provides publishers with expanded audience detail in addition to increased visibility through integrations with a number of agency planning systems.
  2. Webcast Metrics (Local) represents a premium, radio market-specific version of our Webcast Metrics product that enables publishers to quantify their digital audience at the local level and share those metrics with media buyers via their stewardship systems.

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