This article provides instructions on how to enable a third-party tracking and analytics service.

Login to your SoundStack Podcaster account, then from the left side menu, navigate to Content, and select a show. Once inside the specific show, access the Settings tab and scroll down to the URL Prefix text field.

Enter the custom prefix provided by your third-party analytics provider and hit the Save button.

NOTE: You should only complete this field if you own a URL Prefix. Make sure your entry does not contain spaces.

If you’re using PodTrac, Magellan AI, Chartable (or any other analytic service), you'll input the URL where analytics are captured and then redirected to the content of the show.

Third-party prefix examples:

This third-party URL will then be placed by Podcaster before the audio URL in your RSS Feed link.

NOTE: “xxxxxx” is your unique Magellan AI/Chartable ID

NOTE: It can take a few minutes for the prefix to be added to the RSS feed. Once added, it will apply for all the episodes of the show.

You can also combine multiple third-party prefixes into one single URL prefix. You can do that by entering any additional prefixes without the “https://” after the first URL backslash and leaving the backslash at the end of the last prefix entered. For example, if you want to include all of the prefixes listed above, the URL prefix will be:

Enclosure URL

Once prefix is added, your enclosure URL (which allows a media file to be included in your RSS feed) will change as follows:

  1. Enclosure URL without prefix:

  2. Enclosure URL with Chartable prefix:

  3. Enclosure URL with PodTrac prefix:

  4. Enclosure URL with Magellan AI prefix:

If you have any further questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact our Support Team through the ticket submission form or by emailing us at