Should you ever decide to transition away from SoundStack, our team will assist you in ensuring a smooth transition for you and your existing podcast subscribers. This will be achieved by implementing a redirect to your feed. While we'll be sorry to see you leave, we understand the importance of you retaining control over your feed and ensuring your subscribers can seamlessly follow you to your new podcasting platform.

To redirect your feed, please proceed with the following steps:

1. Let us know what podcasts you wish to migrate to a different platform so that we can deactivate ad insertion for them. Otherwise, there is a possibility that you might copy the episodes on the new host with the ads included in them.

2. Once you receive confirmation that ad insertion has been turned off, you are free to import your episodes to the new platform.

NOTE: The RSS import feature exclusively impacts live episodes. However, for unpublished or scheduled episodes, they must be published before initiating the import process. Once published, you'll have the option to import them and subsequently unpublish the episodes if necessary.

3. The next step will be for you to provide us with the new RSS feed so that we can make the redirect.

4. After the redirect has been successfully implemented, you will receive a notification from our end.

NOTE: Once the redirect is in effect, the show will still be available in Podcaster. However, it's essential not to interact with Podcaster any further, as doing so will disrupt the existing redirect. Make sure not to delete or add episodes, change metadata, add new ad markers, or change the title in Podcaster, as this would revert the redirect.

Should you have any additional questions or need assistance, please reach out to our Support Team by using the ticket submission form or by emailing us at