SoundStack works with a variety of buyers to provide advertisements and fill inventory for SoundStack Marketplace customers. We hold these buyers to the highest standards and vet them thoroughly before including them in our marketplace. However, in rare cases and for reasons beyond our control, some buyers may fail to pay SoundStack on-time. Historically, SoundStack would pay publishers their full earned amount, regardless of whether we had collected those funds.  

Going forward, to align with standard industry practice, set clear expectations for our publishers, and ensure the continued growth and stability of our Marketplace, SoundStack will pay publishers once SoundStack has actually received that money from our buyers.

As of January 1, 2024, revenue earned will be paid out according to the publisher payment terms AND the date SoundStack receives corresponding payment from buyers.  By June 1st, 2024, existing publishers will have received their first remittance statement and corresponding payment for their 2024 earned revenue.  Note: Any earned revenue for 2023 will continue to be paid out in the historical manner.

Publishers will receive two statements from SoundStack Marketplace each month:

  1. Monthly Earnings Statement  - This statement details the earned advertising revenue for a publisher for a specific month, sent 45 days after the close of each month. For example, the January Earnings Statement will be sent March 15th.
  2. Monthly Remittance Statement - This statement outlines the actual payment made to the publisher, and is sent with the corresponding payment.


According to their SoundStack agreement, Publisher A is set to receive revenue share payments within 120 days after the last day of the earned revenue month. The payment that SoundStack issues on that 120th day will consist of all earned revenue collected by SoundStack prior to that date. For any amounts of revenue received by SoundStack after this initial payment, SoundStack will issue subsequent remittances within thirty (30) days of the end of the month in which such amounts were received. 

If Publisher A earns $100 in revenue in January,  then Publisher A’s first remittance payment will be issued on June 1st (120 days after the last day of the month in January).  From February through May, SoundStack collects $80 of the $100, so the amount paid to Publisher A on June 1st is $80.  In June, SoundStack collects an additional $10 for revenue earned in January, so that $10 is paid to Publisher A on July 1st.  This cycle will continue until January’s earnings have been paid out in full or adjusted out on Publisher A’s monthly remittance statement.


Why am I receiving a remittance statement?

  • You are receiving a remittance statement because you participate in SoundStack Marketplace.   

What is a remittance statement?

  • A remittance statement summarizes the amount of revenue received by SoundStack from buyers who purchased your publisher inventory through SoundStack Marketplace; it takes into account your NET revenue share and payment terms with SoundStack. The remittance statement total will correspond with your payment amount for that month.

When am I going to be paid for my earned Marketplace revenue?

  • Based on your payment terms with SoundStack you will receive a payment thereafter for the revenue SoundStack has received from buyers who purchased your inventory.

Why is SoundStack changing the way I’m paid? 

  • SoundStack is changing the way that earned revenue is paid out to publishers in order to protect against buyers who fail to pay SoundStack for the inventory purchased on your streams and/or shows. Due to unforeseen bankruptcies in the industry is it prudent for SoundStack to update our payout practices.  Waiting to payout until collection has been made is commonplace across programmatic display, mobile, video, and audio. 

Why don’t my earnings & revenue statement and remittance statement show the same amount owed to me? 

  • Your earnings and revenue statement is the total publisher revenue earned in the SoundStack Marketplace based on a given month. This statement does not reflect the actual collection of revenue by SoundStack from buyers. The remittance statement shows the revenue that has been collected by SoundStack from buyers and therefore paid to the publisher.

Why do I see an “adjustment” on my remittance statement?

  • In exceptionally rare cases, SoundStack may determine a buyer will be unable to pay a portion of the amounts they owe due to bankruptcy and this amount will show as a negative adjustment on the remittance statement. SoundStack will continue to attempt collection of these amounts through the legal processes available, and positive adjustments may be made in subsequent remittance statements for amounts recovered.