Insights is the home for your SoundStack stream statistics. The interface provides powerful tools enabling you to see stream TLH, listener traffic analytics, song play statistics and generation of SoundExchange reports.

The Insights system and interface is one of several enterprise-level tools that SoundStack provides to our clients. Whether you're running a station or a podcast, or groups of multiple streams or podcasts through our CDN, Insights lets you display at-a-glance real-time and historical information.

Below is a brief overview of the Insights interface:


  • Section (1) displays the data records after processing and analyzing your streaming listenership.
  • Section (2) displays the data records after processing and analyzing your podcast listenership.
  • Section (3) shows the historical log of all the tracks that aired on your station.
  • Section (4) displays generating reports based on the tracks that have been played on your station.
  • Section (5) displays your list of stations and a set of analytics about your listeners.

You will want to read the Insights articles which align with your SoundStack package(s) to continue learning more about the functions and capabilities:
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